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#Girlswillbewomen in #STEM making a #RealIMPACT!

Girls will learn about stem careers!

what is s.t.e.m.?

"STEM is:"

•  The bridging of science, technology, engineering, and math to promote problem solving through knowledge, innovation, and the ability to analyze and communicate ideas. 

•  The integration of science, technology, engineering, and math into real life problem solving situations.  Inquiry-based problem solving which
    integrates science, technology, engineering, and math using processes such as designing experiments, asking questions, and            developing ideas to solve every day problems

 what skills GIRLS IN STEM ARE TAUGHT at Real I.M.P.A.C.T?

• Creativity and Innovation
• Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
• Media & Information Literacy
• Communication and Collaboration
• Initiative and Self-Direction
• Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
• Productivity and Accountability
• Leadership and Responsibility
• Flexibility and Adaptability